• Therapy Services

    When is the “right time” to take care of your needs? This question stumps a lot of people even when they are facing challenges that will continue to grow without support.  For many, each day it seems easier to keep pushing forward to the next thing even though you feel burned out, struggling to figure out where to turn and how to change things.  Sound familiar?

    You are not alone and this is where I can help. I work with individuals, just like you, rediscover their purpose, get through the pains and transitions in their way and get back to thriving in their lives. You have an opportunity right now to choose change and I am here to support your growth and moving forward. Together, we can find your path to a fantastic, full, and enjoyable life!

    Depending on your current situation, I provide a variety of approaches (cognitive behavioral or processing therapy, positive psychology, solution-focused or mindfulness approaches -to name a few) to support your growth. Each individual I work with has different needs and through a brief consultation, we can assess what method works best for your needs.

    You do not have to walk this journey alone and there is hope out there for bettering your life. The work we do together will support you rediscovering who you want to become as you accomplish goals and develop a great sense of identity along the way. Your growth and healing is of the utmost importance and I am here for you as you create your best life.

    *Therapy Services available for Colorado Residents only due to licensure requirements.