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    Learn how to improve your mental state and overcome your barriers to having the life that you want. This is an amazing interview with Carrie Thrall who is an Associate Certified Coach, Board Certified Coach, and Wellness Specialist.


    Carrie Thrall is a wonderfully trusted advisor when it comes to goal setting, creating quality communication and maintaining positive relationships. Her past experience working as a social worker with the VA gives her unique foundation for not just helping people to identify and talk about life issues, but to move through them with confidence.

    She helped me identify how I was spending my time through the use of a time inventory, and then guided me to insert more of what made me feel happy and joyful and less of what caused me anxiety. She held me accountable and checked in with me every so often to make sure I was on the right track. Now I spend much more time doing what I love and a lot less time worrying. Whenever I start to get back to that anxious state I remember to do a brain dump to release all my pent up thoughts about what I have to do, and then set goals accordingly.

    When my relationship was in trouble I turned to Carrie in my hour of need. She was able to mediate a conversation between me and my partner about various disagreements in our daily life. The bulk of it came down to the fact that I was saying, “I feel,” and he was stating, “I think,” which led to a lot of unnecessary miscommunication. She helped us learn to speak each other’s language and use some key phrases to let the other person know we care and get them calmly talking when upset.

    Even with just a few sessions the techniques, feedback, and support offered by ABC Coaching helped me aspire to be better to myself and my partner, to believe I deserved peace of mind, and to change mental habits that were holding me back. I am truly grateful for Carrie’s guidance and would recommend anyone going through personal or relationship difficulty go to her for a session.

    Rachel F., Broomfield, CO

    Ms. Thrall is a consummate professional coach, counselor and therapist. I can testify to her impressive fund of knowledge as a life coach as well as to her many years of professional experience. Her ethics are above reproach, her dedication to her clients defies measurement. If you are seeking personal growth outcomes, this is the coach for you.

    -Calvin Neptune, Colonel, US Army (retired)

    “Carrie ceaselessly shepherds my intuitive energy in a direction that serves my highest values. She is a kind of wonder-worker, a magician in the art of creating desirable practical changes; she holds space for life-changing platforms that affect large-scale transformation to arise.”

    -Rev. Rebecca Morris, Portland, OR

    “Carrie Thrall is a Life Coach of the highest order.  She has worked with me on many of my most important issues: values identification, life purpose, time management, stress relief, and career transition.  Her warm, inviting demeanor really made me feel like I was talking to a supportive friend.  Better than a friend, however, is the way that Carrie really challenged me and held me accountable to my dreams and action plans in ways I never had before.  Her powerful questions and brilliant insights helped me to understand myself better and push myself to play a bigger game.  For anyone looking to move their life in a positive direction, I give my highest recommendation to Life Coach Carrie Thrall.”

    -William Rutten  Burnsville, MN

    “Carrie has giftedly led groups through challenging transitions, expertly attending to the goals of individuals as well as those of the group as a whole.  Her guidance is gentle, yet influential.  The tools she utilizes facilitate not just movement in the session, but also provoke thought long afterwards which helps to extend the impact of her powerful work.  Anyone would be lucky to work with her!”

    – Dr. Stephanie Kleiner-Morrissey, Denver, CO

    “I highly recommend Carrie as an individual coach! She really helped me through some difficult professional and personal decisions. She challenged me in compassionate and thoughtful ways. She held me accountable to the goals I set and through our work together, which helped me feel really confident in my decisions and plans. I am very happy with the personal growth I’ve achieved through coaching. I truly can’t say enough positive things about ABC coaching. Thanks, Carrie!”

    -Dr. Mandy Bell, Thornton, CO