• Seize your Goals Coaching

    What methods do you use to set your goals?  Are you a goal poster kind of person, an out-liner with all the steps laid out or are there a myriad of ideas and dreams floating around your head without a clear plan?  Is your current strategy working for you?

    For many people, goal setting and creating outcomes is an area of growth for them.  The methods they learned in the past either did not create the passion or motivation to keep going toward the outcome or there are fears in place keeping them from deeply committing to what they want.  Fear of failing, fear of succeeding or fear of rejection are just a few that can become massive roadblocks in the way of goal setting and accomplishment.

    In this coaching program, you will receive:

    • 8 individual coaching sessions over 8 months (occurring monthly)
    • Values and goal setting exercises done in and in-between sessions.
    • Regular contact/review of progress between sessions (method to be determined in coaching).
    • Access to me as your coach between sessions via email, text or call.

    Goals do not just happen; it takes consistent focus, effort, and flexibility to create them.  Request a consult today to learn more about this coaching program.