• About Me

    My Journey

    Transformation starts with a choice.  I had that choice come up for me about 9 years into my career as a clinical social worker.  I remember that moment when I realized I needed to change; really, I needed to transform.

    Imagine it with me…  There I was, sitting in my office, staring at my computer around 9:00 pm (I was “off” work at 4:30 pm) asking myself, what am I doing here?  Somewhere along the way, I had lost sight of my path.  I was doing “everything” to meet some hidden expectations and feeling like my purpose was missing.  In that moment, I had no idea what to do or where to turn.

    Can you relate?  That moment when a large area of life just does not seem to fit right any longer?  That is burnout!  I was buried in burnout and in that moment, I began my transformation.  Here is what I did:

    • Took time to gain perspective
    • Began to explore my options
    • Hired a coach to help me find my own answers
    • Sought out training and certifications
    • Started my own business, ABC Coaching and Counseling, LLC!

    Look’s easy, right? It was not easy and there were many doubts and uncertainties to overcome along the way.  The support I received was invaluable and now, I want to be the support helping you through this process.    

    When do you decide to transform?  If you are ready for that change, Request a consultation today!